Personalized Cat Collar & ID Tag

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The Personalized Cat Collar & ID Tag was created with your cats' safety in mind. This stylish cat collar comes with an id tag that can be personalized with your own phone number and your cat's name and gender. You can now have a peace of mind knowing that in the event your beloved cat goes missing one day it will be easy for her to be identified and for persons to contact you regarding the whereabouts of your cat.

Key Benefits Of The Personalized Cat Collar & ID Tag

  1. Engraved Personalised ID Tag with phone #: People will know your cat has a home and they can call you in case it gets lost. Laser deep engraved tag so the information is permanent
  2. Lightweight: Some collars are heavy and bulky, but ours are lightweight and sturdy.
  3. Gentle: High quality, soft leather material is gentle for cat's fur. No burns or fuzz.
  4. Strong: Its manufactured to be tough and long-lasting.
  5. Good Looks: Collar was designed to look stylish with leather material, lovely colors, and nice stainless steel ID tag.

Please tell us your cat's name and gender plus your phone number in the message box provided at checkout. When you are checking out you will see a message box that says "note to seller". In this message box, please provide your info in a format that is easy to understand.

Example format:

Name, Gender, Phone number
Tommy, Male, 6849333461

Material: Leather/Stainless steel

Size Chart And Personalized Tag