Blood Footprints Mat
Blood Footprints Mat

Blood Footprints Mat

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The Blood Footprints Floor Mat is guaranteed to shock whoever sees it on the floor, especially if they are not huge fans of horror movies or scary scenes. Or, if you like accessories, which remind you of all the gore scenes you have seen, this mat has been designed for you.

Material: polyester
Size: 40 x 60 cm


1. High-quality sewing and rounded edge finish.
2. The delicate texture feels very soft when you step on it, you will feel very comfortable.
3. Non-slip bottom design for safety and environmental protection.
4. Suitable for entrance doorway, interior doorway, corridors, living room, bedroom, kitchen, windows and sides, under the chair and other use.
5. Light and handy, beautiful and durable.
6. It is also breathable and easy to clean.


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